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Cervical Spine

The Cox Cervical Spine Exercise Program is designed to maximize flexibility, strength, and pain-free motion of the neck.

The neck holds the head in place. That’s quite a calling, like holding a bowling ball on top of a golf tee! Neck muscles degenerate just as the spinal discs degenerate. Simple exercises to stretch and strengthen the neck musculature go far to aid in pain relief.

This exercise program fosters increased flexibility and motion, pain reduction, and muscle strengthening. To gain maximum benefit of your spinal care with Cox Technic protocols and maintain maximum neck pain relief, you are central. Do your exercises every day. You will notice a difference.

The Exercises

We present two forms of cervical spine exercises: Hand Resistance or Cox® Head Band Resistance Unit. Choose the one that suits you best, or combine them for maximum benefit.

Hand Resistance

  • These exercises are not as demanding as using an exerciser unit, but they do stretch and strengthen the neck muscles.
  • The position of each of the 4 exercises is demonstrated in the following pictures. 
  • Resist each neck movement with counter-pressure from your hands. 
  • To the comfortable tolerance of your neck muscles, do each of these exercises 12 – 15 times, slowly. 
  • Increase the resistance with your hands as your improvement allows.  
 Forward Flexion
 cervical exercise hands only forward
 Backward Extension
 cervical spine exercise hands only backwards
 Right Bending
 cerivcal spine exercise hands only right
 Left Bending
 cervical spine hands only exercise right
Cox Head Band Resistance Unit
  • SET-UP: Insert the tubing into a secure doorjamb with the headband positioned as shown.
  • TUBE TAUTNESS: The tubing is at a just-taut resistance to start.
  • EXERCISE POSITIONS: The following pictures demonstrate the correct posture for each exercise. 
  • REPETITIONS: Start with 2 repetitions in each direction pictured below.  Add one more repetition each time no pain is noted.
    • NOTE: Continue adding repetitions until you can perform each of the 8 exercises 15 times without pain.
  • NEW TUBE TAUTNESS: When your reach 15 repetitions at the beginning resistance, increase the tube resistance by stepping back 3 inches which lengthens the tubing and tightens its resistance.
    • NOTE: As you increase the tension, your neck muscles will experience greater stress for better strengthening. 
  • GOAL: Once you achieve 15 repetitions with the 3 inches added resistance, you will have good neck muscle strength.
    • NOTE: It is not necessary to increase the resistance by adding the 3 inch resistance. For some patients, 15 repetitions with the tubing at the first taut point is adequate to achieve good neck muscle strength. 
  • BENEFIT: The benefit of this program is that you can start very gently and build increased neck muscle strength and improved motion. Improvement is up to you. You are in control!
Exercise #1 
With the tubing attachment at the back of the head, flex your neck forward by moving your chin to your chest.
cervical spine exercise unit 1
Exercise #2
Leaving the tubing attachment at the back of the head, move head diagonally to the left forward.
cervical exercise unit 2 
Exercise #3
Leaving the tubing attachment at the back of the head, move the head diagonally to the right forward.
cervical exercise unit 3 
Exercise #4
Move the tubing attachment over the left ear, and flex neck to the right so the right ear moves toward the right shoulder. 
cervical exercise unit 4
Exercise #5 
Move the tubing attachment to the forehead, and extend head back as if looking to the ceiling.
cervical exercise unit 5
Exercise #6
Leaving the tubing attachment at the forehead position, move head diagonally to the right backward. 
cervical exercise unit 6 
Exercise #7 
Leaving the tubing attachment at the forehead position, move head diagonally to the left backward.
cervical exercise unit 7
Exercise #8
Move the tubing attachment over the right ear, and flex neck so that left ear moves toward the left shoulder. 
cervical spine exercise unit 8

These exercises are presented for demonstration purposes only. They are not recommendations for you specifically. Consult with Gormish Chiropractic & Rehabilitation about what is best for you. Do not start any exercises without doctor approval and recommendation.

Only do these exercises if you are recommended to do so by your doctor. Listen carefully to any modifications your doctor gives you for each exercise. Only do the exercises to your tolerance. Do not do or continue to do any exercise that causes you pain or discomfort. If you experience any pain, stop the exercises and discuss with your doctor. If you have any questions about the appropriateness of any exercise, ask your doctor before proceeding.

"This information and website content is not intended to diagnose, guarantee results, or recommend specific treatment or activity. It is designed to educate and inform only. Please consult your physician for a thorough examination leading to a diagnosis and well-planned treatment strategy. See more details on the DISCLAIMER page. Content is reviewed by Dr. James M. Cox I."