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Chiropractic Works, Helps, Grows

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Chiropractic works. Chiropractic helps. Chiropractic grows…in research, esteem and use. How? Gormish Chiropractic & Rehabilitation points to a few things: clinical outcomes, open communication, patient choice. In Carrolltown back pain and neck pain patients have a choice in the healthcare provider they choose.  Gormish Chiropractic & Rehabilitation is ready to share the chiropractic care system we offer and why. Let’s talk!

First, let’s talk about some facts about chiropractic care use today. In the US, 63.7% of chiropractic physicians use flexion distraction. (1) 8.4% of US Adults (19.4 million) use chiropractic or osteopathic manipulation. (2) 3.3% of U.S. children (1.9 million) use chiropractic or osteopathic manipulation, about 112,000 more than in 2007. (3) Gormish Chiropractic & Rehabilitation invites the whole family to experience Carrolltown chiropractic care!

Next, what makes Gormish Chiropractic & Rehabilitation’s chiropractic care special? Gormish Chiropractic & Rehabilitation chooses to offer the chiropractic care system  with evidence-based protocols for research-documented outcomes that offer the best clinical outcomes for pain relief to our Carrolltown chiropractic patients. Flexion distraction (aka Cox Technic) is just such a chiropractic treatment system.

Now, along the line of treatment system choices, an Australian study makes a great point: “Treatment choices [by physicians] changed based on the region of disorder and whether neurological symptoms were present rather than with specific diagnoses.” (4) Thank goodness! Gormish Chiropractic & Rehabilitation proudly offers specific, individualized chiropractic care to our Carrolltown patients based on their specific, individual issues.

Physicians like your Carrolltown chiropractor are well trained to examine, diagnose and set an effective treatment plan for Carrolltown back pain and neck pain patients. It makes sense that where the pain is and the presence of neurological issues would direct the chiropractic care plan. Gormish Chiropractic & Rehabilitation wholeheartedly agrees with the research!

Further, this study shared that flexion distraction is reported to be used virtually as much as diversified technique (a broad term for chiropractic treatments) in the care of lumbar spine disc syndrome, radiculopathy, and spinal stenosis. (4) Gormish Chiropractic & Rehabilitation offers flexion distraction because it succeeds in these conditions as well as many other neck, arm, back and leg pain conditions!

And your Carrolltown chiropractic physician as a Carrolltown back pain specialist always appreciates the opportunity to interact and jointly care for you with your medical and other healthcare professionals. An intriguing new article suggests a way to smooth such interaction even among Carrolltown health professions: information. Researchers met with medical students and gathered information about their attitudes and knowledge of chiropractic. Medical students were concerned about the evidence of chiropractic care and its safety. After a 1-hour educational presentation, these medical students’ attitudes and knowledge of chiropractic improved. (5) Such a simple way to improve collaboration between the two professions! Gormish Chiropractic & Rehabilitation will talk with any other physician you may choose. Just let Gormish Chiropractic & Rehabilitation know.

Carrolltown chiropractic care works, helps and grows. Gormish Chiropractic & Rehabilitation excitedly offers chiropractic care and enthusiastically talks about the care, research, and outcomes with others at every opportunity. Contact Gormish Chiropractic & Rehabilitation today.

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